The #draconic IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel started on DALnet (around 1999?), with Krasnayath as founder. It was a small, secret channel dedicated to "true" dragons instead of just roleplayers. The channel name and theme was borrowed from the web site which originally had its own simple HTML-based chat room that was not seen as adequate by many users. Of course, as the #draconic channel grew, DALnet's frequent server splits and enormous lag became a problem, so Blake and Jean suggested moving to a smaller, more stable network -- LunarNet.

And all was mostly well there after a short adjustment period in which the denizens of #arcadia (LunarNet's main channel) and #draconic got used to each other. Loxorion even brought in his own server,, for dragons' use.

Of course, all good things must come to an end, and due to friction between Loxorion and one of LunarNet's administrators, he split quelm off to create DraconicNet, and most, if not all the dragons migrated shortly thereafter. Since then, DraconicNet has grown and shrunk and grown a bit again with the rise and fall of IRC's popularity, as well as with the comings and goings of users that have grown older and moved on. While DraconicNet once had 5 servers, including Naylean, as of 2014, DraconicNet is run solely from Naylean which is part of the system that runs