The following rules are not, and are not intended to be, all-inclusive. This document contains guidelines to be followed; the network operators will decide whether you have violated them. Neither attempts to find loopholes, stretching the boundaries of these guidelines, nor rules lawyering are appreciated here. Realize that this network is run by the operators for their own pleasure, and is run at their expense. We consider you a guest here, so we ask that you act accordingly.

Harassment is not allowed on the network. If any user on the network asks you to stop doing something to them and you continue to do it, that is harassment. You may be banned from the network for harassment, with or without warning.

Profanity is not allowed in certain channels, such as #draconic. Engaging in profane speech in these channels may result in being warned or removed from the channel.

Personal Attacks, against others or their beliefs, is frowned upon by the network operators. Polite discussion and questioning is allowed, but any personal attack will result in disciplinary action.

Racism against any sentient being is unwelcome on DraconicNet. If you must feel animosity against any group, be they white, black, dragon, or human, keep it to yourself. Disciplinary action for racism varies by offense, up to and including being banned from the network.

Spamming or Hacking the network or any of its users is considered a security threat, and is a very serious offense. Don't do this, or you will be subject to legal action and a permanent ban from the network.

Akill Evasion is an offense. If you have been banned for what you consider to be an unjust reason, email to discuss the issue privately.

Illegal Activity, when observed by the network operators, will be reported to your local law enforcement agency, and will also result in a ban from the network.